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Tips for improving your spoken English

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The English language has come to stay. There is hardly anything we could do in this world without basically relating it to English language. Some of the countries have made it compulsory in schools. It is our lingua Franca and for one to take part actively in conversations about our national life, he or she must be fluent in the language. As far as functionality of a citizen is concerned, both nationally and internationally it is inevitable.

   What then can we do to advance in the in the language, use it correctly and properly in every days runs. I am sure that the following tips will help  out:
To start with the basis, study the English sounds and appropriate use with a good English text book. There are forty-four sounds in the language. Out of these  forty-four sounds, twenty are vowels while twenty-four are constants .the vowels are further divided into twelve pure vowels and eight diphthongs.

Get a good English dictionary or the mobile App to help you spell, pronounce and know the meaning of word correctly for effective communication and maximum intelligibility.

Devote some part of your time, reading books this include novels, drama, poems, magazines news paper, etc. vocabularies are extracted from these stuffs.

Lookup for the unknown and difficult words in your dictionary. Then try and make the words part of you.

Speak English language always. Never feel shy or afraid to speak it even when you are mocked at your mistakes and also never be intimidated when you see yourself in the midst of those who you think that are far better than you because they started just like you.

The last but not least involves listening to the original owners of the language imitating them. This can be done by listening to CNN, BBC, VOA, etc.
Try the above tips, and you will see yourself advancing in English.

Dear reader you can drop your own suggestion via the comment box lets help each other

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